Amampondo King Zanozuko Sigcau Biography, Age, Wife, Funeral Service

Amampondo King Zanozuko Sigcau Biography, Age, Wife, Funeral Service

Amampondo King Zanozuko Sigcau Biography, Age, Wife, Funeral Service

Profile and short information about the late king, Sigcau Zanozuko. His age, wife and funeral video clip.

Biography Of The Amampondo King, Zanozuko Sigcau

Kumkani Tyelovuyo Sigcau (Zanozuko) was a king and well know chief in South Africa. He hails from a village, Mpondo and was known to be a good man whose wonderful deeds speak for.

We are still obtaining more date about the late king, however, we have some facts about the Amampondo king which we have to share with our readers.

Some weeks ago, the Amampondo king, Zanozuko Tyelovuyo Sigcau who was crowned king in the year 2018 became ill and passed as a result on 31st May 2022, and his demise left his people in a great shock and mourning.

He had been the first king who has ever gained the attention and recognition of the South African presidency, and he passed at the age of 47.

Age (How Old Was King Zanozuko Sigcau)

King of amaMpondo, Kumkani Tyelovuyo Sigcau (Zanozuko) was born and raised in South Africa, in September 15th, 1974. He was due to celebrate his 48th birthday in just 3 months time, if he hadn’t pass.

Sigcau Zanozuko Wife

Princess Wezizwe Sigcau of Mpondo Kingdom is the wife of the late amaMphondo king. Princess Wezizwe is the daughter of another known great king, late King, Justice Mpondombini Sigcau (Kumkani) of the Eastern amaMpondo aseQaukeni kingdom in South Africa, Princess Wezizwe is the only wife of the unique late king as he was not polygamous man.

Amampondo King Zanozuko Sigcau Funeral Service

The funeral service of the late king took place on 21st June 2022, and the ceremony was covered by SABC as they shared the full footage on Youtube which you can watch in full via the official YouTube channel of SABC news channel below.

The current president of South Africa shared his condolences to the people of amaMpondo, including the royal family who the late king was survived by, and they include but not limited to his mother by name (Nobandla) Queen Zuziwe Victoria, his sisters sisters Princesses Nontsasa and Ziyanda, wife Princess Wezizwe Sigcau of Mpondo Kingdom, his five children and other royal family members.

The president stated and we quote: “We reach out in mourning to the amaMpondo kingdom at the passing of a distinguished leader who made an important contribution to uniting the royal family and the amaMpondo community, which are important constituents of our greater nationhood.

The president further stated: “While Kumkani Zanozuko was a proud and respected custodian of customs and traditions that were centuries old, he was equally passionate about the socio-economic development of the kingdom and the greater Eastern Cape province for centuries into the future.

“He was a fervent proponent of integrated development as facilitated by the district development model in the OR Tambo District Municipality. He reached out to other provincial kings in his enthusiasm for the Eastern Seaboard Development Initiative.”

Ramaphosa continued: “The outcomes of the recent Summit on Communal Land Administration and Tenure serve as a means for us to honor and realize Kumkani Zanozuko’s vision for the amaMpondo nation and our country more broadly. May his soul rest in peace.”

The funeral almost turned into chaos as the son of the late king, Prince Mbasa Sigcau stood up, faced the Rural dev. Agricultural Land reform deputy minister by name Zoleka Capa and said; “You are dishonest, makhulu. There are many dishonest people at this funeral, including the government.

“The government knows the royal family that appointed the late king as the king of AmaMpondo. Today there are people here choosing to deal with other people we don’t know.”

The prince was making some statements then an older woman took the mic away from him and tried to settle the tension as some people took the prince away for some time, the choir also assisted to calm the commotion.

After a short while, the SANDF chaplain took the podium and called for peace after which he made some statements and assured the situation will be dealt with. Check here to watch the short video on a Twitter account.

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