Banyana Banyana Coach, Age, Real Name

Banyana Banyana Coach, Age, Real Name

Desiree Ellis is the South African soccer manager and also was a former player. She is now coaching the South Africa women’s national team, Banyana Banyana.

She also has been a founding member of the Banyana Banyana and was the second captain of the national team before becoming the head coach.

Desiree Ellis was born on 14th March 1963, she is a South African born and raised woman, and is the soccer manager of the team and also the team’s former player.

What is the real age of Banyana Banyana Coach? She is 59 years old, she was born on 14th March 1963.

Banyana Banyana Coach Real Name – The real name of Banyana Banyana Coach is Desiree Ellis.

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