Charles From Diep City Real Name, Chrispen Nyathi Age & Net Worth

Charles From Diep City Real Name, Chrispen Nyathi Age & Net Worth
Charles From Diep City

Diep City is a South African TV series, and one of the casts is Pastor Charles from Diep City, who is quite known as Chrispen Nyathi or just Charleston. His real age, full and real name, estimated net worth and few other available facts have been stated here. We do wish you have a good time on our page.

Charles From Diep City Wiki On BioAgeNetWorth
Full & Real Name: Chrispen Nyathi
Known stage Names: Charles From Diep City / Pastor Charleston
Age: 29 years old
Date Of Birth (Birthday): 31 May, 1994
Net Worth: +/- 50,000$
Salary: Not Available
Place of Birth: Zimbabwe
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Occupation: Actor, Singer, Religious Leader
Height: +/- 6ft
Relationship status: Not Known (Check Article)
Parents (Father / Mother): Not Available (Check Article)
Child / Children: No
Known Relatives (Brothers / Sisters): Not Available
Education Qualification: Check Article
Reality Show: Diep City
Hairstyle: Mostly Afro
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Contact Details: Not Available

Who is Chrispen Nyathi or Charleston?

Charleston Ncube, as people fondly calls him is currently residing in South

Africa. He is a professional actor and sings in his spare time. The actor was not born in South Africa, but Zimbabwe.

Chrispen Nyathi or as also called, Charles moved to South Africa three years ago, in 2019 where he attended his high school at Denver Secondary school.

The Zimbabwean born, Chrispen Nyathi, is currently the only actor on the newly released Mzansi Magic series called DiepCity. He confirms that his role on Diep City has influenced him to change his pattern of life as a Christian.

After the audition, he got a big news and break when he was called and asked to debut on the show in 2021.

Since 2016, he has been said to been on some Mzansi movies as an extra, but showing up on Diep City has been his major break. On this, he says; “I used to act as an extra until I joined one of Mzansi’s biggest telenovelas as a featured actor. I noticed the treatment that was given to the main and featured actors was different from the treatment that was given to the extras. From then I vowed I will never act as an extra again, even though it taught me a lot about acting.”

Though he is a new comer, but his performance has gained him the ability to debut alongside some popular figures like Dawn Thandeka King, Mduduzi Mabaso and also Hamilton Dlamini. These are entertainers whom he once confirmed to be his role models.

Charles From Diep City Age

Charleston from Diep City is 29 years old as of 2023. He was born in May 31st 1994. So he celebrates his birthdays every May 31st.

People have been worried about the real age of the entertainer. In fact we have been curious to know since after searching about him, some report shows that he is 2 years old while a higher number of outlets say

He is 28 years old.

DiepCity is one of South Africa’s most watched soapies and it attracts a lot of viewers in its 8:30pm slot.

Charles From Diep City Real Name, Age, Net Worth

Charles From Diep City Real Name

One worrisome fact about some actors and actresses is the fact that they are known with so many names. Added to the fact that some may not be of a country makes it harder to ascertain some certain facts. What do we mean to explain? Chrispen is a name the actor is sometimes known with. On Diep City, he bears the name Charleston Ncube, and for short, Pastor Charles. But people ask, what is his full name in reality. Well, w have the answer and we hope that is actually correct.

Charles from Diep City has his real and full name as Chrispen Nyathi. His first names are actually confusing. On set he bears Charles or Charleston or even Pastor Charles for short. But in reality, his biological name remains Chrispen Nyathi.

We hope that the confusion about his name has been cleared.

Charles From Diep City Net Worth

Stating the official net worth of Charles seems to be tricky as he has never revealed his official net worth.

From his lifestyle, roles and personality, we can how ever come to a close conclusion on how much the entertainer may worth.

Charleston from Diep City, according to BioAgeNetWorth has his estimated net worth to be valued at about $50,000.

How Was Charles’ Childhood Like And Growing up?

From reports, it shows that the male actor who bases in South Africa has a flare for movies while still a young boy. While still younger, he stayed with his mother and grand-mother and was ever determined to appear on set just as the celebrities he watches.

In an interview, he revealed that while he was 5, he had the chance to act out a role, but unfortunately, he had just 10 seconds to carry out his role. Despite the short period, he confirmed that the 10 seconds made him love acting more. He further confirms that he decided to take on the role of acting as a full career when he grows.

Just to add, Charles confirms that his family are happy with his choice of career, and that have been quite supportive.

Charleston on Diep City

Chrispen as popularly know, debuted on the South African Mzanzi Tv series, Diep City. On the drama series, he took on the role of a young pastor, who was determined to liberate the souls of sinner in his neighborhood, which mainly was filled with poor people and criminals.

He revealed in a statement and we quote, “It is still unbelievable. Even today I am still trying to comprehend it. I forget that I’m an actor on television and in my everyday life, I walk around like I always have and people stop me and scream Charleston. I’m still trying to adjust to it, what’s scary about the entertainment industry is that you might say it’s a breakthrough but it ends up being a dead-end where no one else hires you. But right now, it’s something big to me.”

Another interesting fact about the young man is that he confirms to love taking on psychotic characters, which he says to be thrilling. Charles also says that he loves to act the role that makes people uncomfortable, that’s crazy, ain’t it?

Not so sure anyway, but he once said that he is a Pastor back in Zimbabwe, and came to South African not long ago. In a statement, he states that people seem to be tired of being used by other pastors, especially in Africa, and thus when he tells people about God, they tend not to listen to him. When making this statement, we were not sure if he meant in Diep City or if he actually tried to mean that he was really a pastor.

On the second section, where we shared about who Charles is, we just mentioned that he is an actor, but he confirms to love music. In fact, he says that if he was not in the movie industry, he would be making music.

In a long interview with an online outlet, he says that the response he gets from people has been nice. He loves the fact that people from other countries love to watch him on Showmax. He went ahead to reveal that some of his fans are even based in Germany.

On explaining what he wants to achieve, he says that he wants to act out in a way that will be memorable and leave a good impression in the minds of people, not yet able to reach his potential, but he says to be determined to cause a positive impact.

In 2021, he won the Viewer’s Choice Award from the category of Best Actor 2021 Royalty Soapie. After winning this feat, he says that the encouragement made his fate wax even stronger.

His fans know him as a loving partner to Asanda, who was acted by Zikhona Bali. Like we stated, he on the movie has been a good young preacher and pastor whose only mission is to liberate many lost souls in the Diepsloot skwatta camp. However, despite being a pastor, Chrispen reveals that Charleston is not actually a perfect figure it presents himself to be.

He once narrated how the producer of the show Mandla N, met him on Instalive video and took interest in him.

For his fans and anyone who loves his show, watch Chrispen Nyathi as pastor Charleston Ncube live on SA’s Mzansi Magic’s DiepCity (DSTV channel 161) everyday by 20:30.


1 What is the real name of Charles Ncube From Diep City

Ans. His real name is Chrispen Nyathi

2 Charleston From Diep City Nationality

Ans. Zimbabwean

3. Is chrispen Nyathi South African?

Ans. Charles is not a native of South Africa, but Zimbabwe.

5. Is Charleston from DiepCity Zimbabwean?

Ans. Yes, he is from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe

4. Who is Charles from DiepCity?

Ans. He is a Zimbabwean national, who moved to South African to land himself an acting role after the producer of Diep City met him on Instalive.

6. How old is Charles from DiepCity?

Ans. He is 28 years old.

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