How Old Is Vuyokazi Nguqu? Full Biography

How Old Is Vuyokazi Nguqu? Age : Vovo from Short And Sweet DSTV
  Vuyokazi Nguqu aka Vovo

How Old Is Vuyokazi Nguqu? Age : Vovo Short Xhosa girl from Sweet And Short on DSTV’s Mzansi Magic. Learn about her biography, net worth 2023, condition, height, social media, relationship status with a boyfriend, her role as Vovo on Sweet and Dust etc.

Sweet and Short is a TV drama series on DSTV, a South African satellite company. The TV show features the lives of three little people as they struggle to break stereotypes, one of the three is vovo short xhosa girl aka Vuyokazi Nguqu.

The life of one takes a turn for the worse when he was presented with an award for his service as a lead television journalist for 20 years. A journey to a booming casino, and another to the casualties ward in a hospital, both changing rapidly his perspective on life in the fast changing nation, South Africa.

Vuyokazi Nguqu Wiki On BioAgeNetWorth
Full & Real Name: Vuyokazi Nguqu
Known stage Names: Vovo on Sweet & Short / Short Xhosa Girl, Vovo Comedian
Age: 34 Years Old
Date Of Birth (Birthday): 1989, Month & Day Not Known Yet.
Net Worth: <500,000 Rands
Salary: Not Known
Place of Birth: Idutywa, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actress, Social Media Influencer, YouTuber, Comedian
Height: +/-102 CM
Relationship status: Single (No Boyfriend)
Parents (Father / Mother): Not Available
Child / Children: None
Known Relatives (Brothers / Sisters): Not Available
Education Qualification: Desmond Mpilo Tutu High School (Cape Town) Yr 2000
Reality Show: Sweet And Short
Hairstyle: Not Available
Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
Contact Details: Not Available

Vuyokazi Nguqu aka Vovo Bio

Ngugu is a South African celebrity who was born and also raised in a small village in Western Cape called Mbekweni in Paarl. The lady is a personality currently making for waves for herself with her talent.

She is a social media influencer and entertainer who has proven to be brave despite her petite personality, unlike many who’d feel sorry and dejected, Nguqu rather uses her stature to entertain the public and also make a name for herself.

She has taken the advantage of the various free social platforms to gather lots of followers, she currently is active on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Since she presented herself to the media, people have loved her notwithstanding her stature.

Vuyokazi Nguqu became a very popular celebrity in South Africa after landing herself the role of Vovo who is one of the three little main characters.

From the movie she has expanded to her social media, where she does funny videos which she focuses on people who have albinism and people suffering from dwarfism.

Through her videos, people of some kind of disability tend to be more bold as she encourages such people to embrace themselves as they didn’t create themselves.

According to her, at the age of 8, she was told by the doctors that she stopped growing, and at once she embraced that. She also added that it was actually a fact as she wore same uniform size from her pre-school days to standard one (grade 3).

How Old Vuyokazi Nguqu? (Vovo From Sweet And Short Age)

Vovo short xhosa girl from Sweet & Short is 34 years old.

Her size has made it almost impossible for anyone to guess her age, even if you wish to take a wild guess.

From when she became an online sensation, somehow she was loved and accepted very much, such that she began to have huge followings on her social platforms which led to her releasing funny videos and skits.

People have been guessing her real age, but we all have been wrong, till she cleared the air.

Recently, while in an interview she declared her age, and we can say for sure that Vuyokazi Nguqu is 34 years old.

What we do not know is her birth month and birth day, but her birth year is 1989.

Vovo On Sweet And Short Reality Show

Any South African who knows Vuyokazi will kno for sure she is a good and determined lady. The South African landed herself a role on the new trending reality television, Short n Sweet which was aired on SA’s Mzansi Magic on Sunday, July 7 2022.

At first sight, people usually tent to tag her “Vovo the Short Xhosa girl from Short And Sweet”, and on the movie, it tells the story of three people who are actually dwarfs but with but with extremely good hearts and aspirations.

Vovo the Xhosa lady, an aspiring taxi boss by name Thandazani Khubheka, and Sikhumbuzo “Shota” Mkhize the heir to her family are the three main characters.

Vuyokazi Nguqu Pregnancy

Vovo aka Vuyokazi Nguqu is not pregnant.

The female entertainer currently is not married neither is she in any form of relationship, and thus is not pregnant and has not been pregnant in the past. She is rather a young lady who searches for a male donor, so she could consider surrogacy. This has been as a result of her condition

It’s quite sad that the female celebrity with height impairment is not in any relationship. Currently, she does not have a boyfriend, but wants to have a baby.

Unfortunately for her, while on a visit to the hospital, she asked her doctor about the possibility of bear a child, but the doctors says that her condition wouldn’t be favorable to carry a child to term.

It must have been a difficult issue for the lady as many women would surely want to have their own babies, irrespective of their health or physical challenges.

Despite being warned by the doctor, Vovo (as she has been fondly called), took to her social media account to reveal that she needs a baby.

In fact, she further said that she asked her male friends to be her sperm donor, through we were not informed what the reply was.

Vovo aka Vuyokazi Nguqu Height Condition

Vovo aka Vuyokazi Nguqu Height Condition

Vuyokazi Nguqu is just 102 cm in height.

According to reports, her height has limited her the ability to do certain things she wishes to, even she finds it difficult to do some house hold jobs.

There has been a report of her being in a controversial condition which almost costed her job. In the past, she served as a call agent, but once came a time a customer called and heard her voice, unimpressed, the said customer laid complaints about the manner and way she sounded on call just like a child. This forced the company to subsequently move her to quality control office.

Nguqu Vuyokazi stopped growing at her 8th year, and she was aware. According to her, she revealed that her doctor informed her about this development and since the she accepted her fate.

Before confirming her fate, she was quite different from others when she actually had to wear the same school uniforms of same size from her pre-school days to her grade three.

Vuyokazi Nguqu On Social Media

Social media has been a leveller for her. She currently is active on many social media platforms like the popular YouTube, Facebook, and also Instagram where she shares funny updates.

Indirectly, her condition has turned as a blessing in disguise as she currently has massive followings. She has become a household figure in the South African social space. And she has been intelligent enough to turn everything to her advantage. She now shares funny video skits, memes and has successfully built a decent fanbase.

This development began in 2020, when there was Covid-19 lockdown. She shared engaging contents that she became a social media influencer, paid to promote products.

Asides sharing funny skits and all, she has never been ashamed to talk about herself or her private life.

in April 24th 2022, she posted a throwback image of her self when she was younger.

Vuyokazi Nguqu Net Worth

What is Vuyokazi Nguqu worth? How much is she worth?

With her condition, Vuyokazi Nguqu has been a figure to reckon with in the entertainment industry. After working as a call agent (though her salary then was not known), she went ahead to venture into entertainment.

She has been an extra many movies, and also has become a female social media influencer.

Vuyokazi Nguqu’s net worth may be estimated or valued at R848,000 as of 2023.


1. How Old Is Vovo From Short And Sweet?

She was born in 1989, so she is 33 years old.

2. Vovo Comedian Age

33 years old

3. Who Is Vuyokazi Nguqu Boyfriend

Vovo from Sweet And Short is not in any relation ship, so she has no boyfriend.

4. Vuyokazi Nguqu Pregnancy

Vovo aka Vuyokazi is not pregnant, and she has never been.

5. Does Vuyokazi Nguqu Have A Baby

As of 2023, Vuyokazi does not have any baby yet.

6. Vuyokazi Nguqu Net Worth

She is estimated to worth about 500,000 Rands

7. Vuyokazi Nguqu Condition

Vuyokazi is a short lady, suffering from a genetic or medical condition called dwarfism.

8. Vuyokazi Nguqu Reality Show

She is an actress, and her biggest exposure has been on her role on Mnanzi’s Sweet & Short as Vovo.

9. Vuyokazi Nguqu Date Of Birth

Vuyokazi was born in 1989, though the birth month and day is yet to be confirmed.

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