How Old Is Vuyokazi Nguqu? Real Profile

How Old Is Vuyokazi Nguqu? Age : Vovo from Short And Sweet DSTV

How Old Is Vuyokazi Nguqu? Age : Vovo Short Xhosa girl from Short And Sweet DSTV

Short and Sweet is a TV drama series on DSTV, a South African satellite company. The TV show features the lives of three little people’s as they struggle to break stereotypes, one of the three is vovo short xhosa girl aka Vuyokazi Nguqu.

The life of one takes a turn for bad when he was presented with an award for his service as a lead television journalist for 20 years. A journey to a booming casino, and another to the casualties ward in a hospital, both changin rapidly his perspective on life in the fast changing nation, South Africa.

Vuyokazi Nguqu aka Vovo Bio

Ngugu is a South African celebrity who was born and also raised in a small village in Western Cape called Mbekweni in Paarl. The lady is a personality currently making for waves for herself with her talent.

She is a social media infleuncer and entertainer who has proven to be brave despite her petite personality, unlike many who’d feel sorry and dejected, Nguqu rather uses her stature to entertain the public and also make a name for herself.

She has taken the advantage of the various free social platforms to gather lots of followers, she currently is active on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Since she presented herself to the media, people have loved her notwithstanding her stature.

Vuyokazi Nguqu became a very popular celebrity in South Africa after landing herself the role of Vovo who is one of the three little main characters.

From the movie she has expanded to her social media, where she does funny videos which she focuses on people who have albinism and people suffering from dwarfism.

Through her videos, people of some kind of disability tend to be more bold as she encourages such people to embrace themselves as they didn’t create themselves.

According to her, at the age of 8, she was told by the doctors that she stopped growing, and at once she embraced that. She also added that it was actually a fact as she wore same uniform size from her pre-school days to standard one (grade 3).

How Old Vuyokazi Nguqu (Vovo From Sweet And Short Age)

Her size has made it almost impossible for anyone to guess her age, even if you wish to take a wild guess.

From when she became an online sensation, somehow she was loved and accepted very much, such that she began to have huge followings on her social platforms which led to her releasing funny videos and skits.

People have been guessing her real age, but we all have been wrong, till she cleared the air.

Recently, while in an interview she declared her and, and we can say for sure that Vuyokazi Nguqu is 33 years old.

What we do not know is her birth month and birth day, but her birth year is 1989.

So, Vovo short xhosa girl from Sweet & Short is 33 years old.

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