Innocent Masuku Biography, Age, Net Worth, Sickness

Innocent Masuku Biography, Age, Net Worth, Sickness

Innocent Masuku Biography

The South African entertainer who is known with his name as Innocent Masuku works with Baksteen on the SABC1 show called Tshisa. He was in the show from 2006 to 2012.

He also was a good singer and was working closely with Bongani Masondo, a co-singer. Innocent had also released some nice Kwaito collections under his stage name, Ngudu meaning “The Big Man”.

He once spoke about his early life, and he said while he was growing up, he was quite clever and smart, mostly better that his mates, he revealed that he was the one “with the thoughts” and at the same time extremely shrewd.

While he was younger, he was always at shows or organizing concerts.

He also had appeared in some movies, like Yizo in which his stage name was Bobo. He appeared in the first, second and third parts of the movie and the acted Maradona in 2005.

In 2008, he appeared as a guest in a scene of a movie premiered by SABC1 “The Taxi Driver (Part 1)” – Season 2, Episode 10, and he took the role of a Taxi driver.

How Old Is Innocent Masuku? Age

Innocent Masuku is currently 42 years old, as he was born in the year 1980.

Innocent Masuku Net Worth

Since his battle with addiction, he lost most of his roles as an actor, and has not really been keeping up with his musical career. So his net worth is quite not impressive as he has nothing much to show.

Innocent Masuku Drugs & Sickness

Innocent had been a good actor who was first known with his role in Yizi as Bobo and also in Shesa as Bakstena. Since then, he has not been seen or his whereabouts known.

In recent years, it was realized that he has been heavy on drugs and has been ill as a result. Though there has not been any specific sickness that we know he is suffering from.

Innocent Masuku Gives Advice To Younger People In A Public Statement

Some days back, when he was called in for an interview, he showed up and he gave out some advises to the youth, in his own words we quote;

When I got into the acting industry, I was involved in drugs,” he says.

Obviously, he always chose to play drug addict on screen while off-screen he struggles with drugs too.

I regret it because I lost so many opportunities, you understand. I lost so many friends and good things and even if I regret it, I can never reverse time and be able to regain that time. It feels bad. Deep down, I still regret it even today. But I am one of the lucky few to have survived.”

The first few years when I tried to quit drugs with all my heart, I had so many problems and lost out on so many opportunities,” he says.

There are many things I could be counting and could have done. But you know what in life, there is always a second chance.”

“Be careful of the choices you make. It’s amazing how time flies. Sometimes, the choices you make can cost you many opportunities,” he revealed.

You cannot throw people away. Let’s get together. If you have a problem, come forward, and let’s help each other. You can go to rehab, but it won’t help if you are not ready fully. I know change is pain, but it starts with you. I did things, I was a good role model and people were looking up to me. I was a big role model, but I failed people and did things they were not expecting. But I decided to forgive myself”.

“That happens across all industries. When I cleaned up and went to rehab in 2002, I wanted to prove to myself that I can create outside of addiction. And I did, my biggest selling solo album I did clean and sober,” he said.

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