Lady Pogba Real Name

Lady Pogba Real Name (Lady Pogba Biography, Age, Net Worth)

Lady Pogba Real Name (Lady Pogba Biography, Age, Net Worth)

The real name of the young aspiring female footballer, Lady Pogba is Boitshwarelo Moaneno. Last year, she appealed for the corporate community and stakeholders to assist her raise some funds and travel to Spain around September in order to prove her prowess on the field in the presence of top footballers in major football clubs in Spain.

Death News (Is Lady Pogba Really Dead?)

Stunning news coming from a source has revealed that famous South African female footballer and Tiktok content maker Lady Pogba has passed on.

Despite the fact that her unexpected passing isn’t yet affirmed by her family or any solid sources, the news has gotten a surprising pattern via web-based entertainment where numerous particularly her fans are as of now spilling out their sympathies to her loved ones.

Following many reports which actually seems like talk going via virtual entertainment, Lady Pogbo was said to have passed on from an auto crash tonight.

However, after some time she came through to announce that she is alive, she even posted the video on YouTube which you can watch below.

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Lady Pogba Biography, Age, Net Worth

Boitshwarelo Moaneno who hails from Taung in the North West Province South Africa is a 21 years old young lady who is quite passionate about football.

We do not know about her net worth, but from estimation, she may be worth about $10,000

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