Lebogang Makenete Profile & Relationship With Big Zulu

Lebogang Makenete Biography, Age, Wife, R/Ship With Big Zulu
Lebogang Makenete And Big Zulu

Lebogang Makenete Biography, Age, Wife, Relationship With Big Zulu

On the news right now, Big Zulu and Lebogang Makenete have been on the news headline, knowing that same Big Zulu has other various ladies in his life. On this page we will analyze the profile, age and who is the wife of Big Zulu.

Big Zulu

South Africa has been blessed with a few wonderful entertainers like Big Zulu, a young vibrant man who was born in a small village in South Africa  called Bergville. He was however raised in KwaZulu Natal.

He is one of the few South African artists that rose to fame from scratch, literally.

Asides being a professional actor who has been in taking on a role on the known movie, Soapie debuted on SABC 1.

The SA singer took interest in music from childhood when he began to listen to their native songs, and also took interest in Scathamiya and Maskandi music genre, these genres made him go hard on his passion for music.

Before he ventured completely into music, he was taxi driver till 2008, that was when he went fully into music and song production.

Since then, his music career has been a success.

The 34 years old South African singer seem to have a thing with women as he actually confuses his fans with who exactly is his woman.

Asides other ladies we have known present in his life in the time past, there are two who we have not known for sure their relationship with the South African singer.

Lebogang Makenete

A South African lady, born and raised in a township yet to be known, she is known to be the partner of the great singer, and we suspect she hails from somewhere around Soweto.

About two years ago, the lady and Big Zulu were confirmed to be living together at Big Zulu’s apartment at Newton.

Her education status, schools she attended are not yet known as she does not have her life open to the public, neither do we know about her immediate family.

Last year, it was reported that Big Zulu made attempt to get married to Lebogang Makenete as he went to the uncle of Lebogang at Soweto, with the intentions to marry the lady, then the news was huge that Lebogang was tagged Big Zulu’s wife.

Lebogang Makenete Age

The real age of the singer’s girlfriend in not certain yet, but her can guess her age to be about 25-28 years old.

Big Zulu’s Relationship / Wife

So far, there is no known wife, Big Zulu has not officially married any woman yet.

He though, has two children from two different women among whom he had affairs with.

Big Zulu some years ago had an affair with a lady whom was said to be his PR master, by name Bulelwa Nazo while he was still in relationship with Lebogang, this affair with Bulelwa resulted to the birth a his daughter, Shaka with Bulelwa aka Bulie.

Along the line, while in relationship with Lebogang, she took in and gave birth to a baby boy, who is the first child for the South African musician.

More recently, there has been news of another woman in the picture, by the name Lwah Ndlunkulu.

Just last year when we began to hear from Lwah Ndlunkulu, it was through Big Zulu, he featured the young star in all his songs and literally made her a great artist.

Recently, there has been rumors of the duo dating, while Lebogang is still in the picture.

Learn more information about Lwah Ndlunkulu here.

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