Longwe Twala, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Photos

Longwe Twala, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Photos
Longwe Twala

Who is Longwe Twala? An important question any South African would ask. Recently, questions about Longwe Twala has been turning up, about his age, career, girlfriend, net worth Instagram photos, wikipedia, his songs, hospital etc.

These questions about Longwe have been answered.

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From 2014, the life of the South African has not been easy. Prior his court case, he was not really a popular figure, but as the murder of Senzo began to go to court for trial, Longwe Twala has been a friendly face in the media and internet, unfortunately, not for good, but the crime he got linked with.

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Longwe Twala Wiki On BioAgeNetWorth
Full & Real Name: Longwe Twala
Known stage Names: Not Available
Age: +/-35 Years
Date Of Birth (Birthday): Not Available
Net Worth: Worth Just A Few $$
Salary: None
Place of Birth: South Africa
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Singer
Height: +/-6ft
Relationship status: In Relationship With zandie Khumalo
Parents (Father / Mother): Sello Chicco Twala
Child / Children: Not Available
Known Relatives (Brothers / Sisters): Nowie Zanele (Sister), Sello Chicco Twala (Father)
Education Qualification: Not Available
Reality Show: Not Available
Hairstyle: Not Available
Social Media: Not On – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Contact Details: Not Available

Longwe Twala Biography & Background

Currently in South Africa, Longwe Twala has been on the news for the murder of his pal and football team captain, Bafana Bafana. Before we share more details about the case, let us look at who Longwe Twala is.

Longwe Twala is a male South African born singer, music writer and producer. He is also known to be the son of the legendary and renowned, Sello Chicco Twala.

Longwe also has a sister who is Nowie Zanele, she also is into music just as her brother and father. His sister, Nowie is commonly known  by her stage name DJ Z’ne.

Nothing much or of importance is known about his childhood as he never spoke about growing up.

He somehow, rode on the popularity of his father, Sello Chicco Twala. who is not just an entertainer, but also a good businessman.

Sello Chicco Twala married his wife Thembi, but later divorced her on the grounds of infidelity. Obviously after begetting his son, Longwe.

Unlike his son, Sello Chicco Twala mostly shows on media because of his profession and not for crimes. This could not be said about his own son.

Sello Chicco Twala’s son, Longwe Twala became a notorious figure in 2014, when he was present and questioned by the police for involving in the murder of Senzo Meyiwa, the former goalkeeper and captain both Orlando Pirates in the Premier Soccer League, and so as in the South Africa national team.

In the cause of being linked to the scandal, Sello Chico publicly denounced his own son Longwe for the shame he brought him. He also went ahead to hand him over to the police and says his son knows who killed Senzo.


Longwe Twala Age (How Old Is Longwe Twala)

Twala Longwe should be in the age bracket of the dead footballer, which pins his age from 30 to 35 years old.

Since the murder case, we have not found any official date of birth of the accused murder suspect. But from his pictures, relationship with Zandi his girlfriend, and his friend Senzo, we can say they are in the same age bracket.

Longwe Twala Net Worth

Twala Longwe’s net worth is not known, but from our judgement, Longwe Twala’s estimated net worth may be valued at just a couple of $$$, since he has not been consistent with his music career, neither does he involve in any business. He rather is traced to couple of petty thefts.

Music Career

Longwe as a singer comes from a family with music background, which affected not just him, but his sister.

His father Sello Chicco is a known singer from the 70’s who has been dropping good music ever since.

For Longwe Twala, we do not know when he picked interest in music, same as his sister. But we assume that he and his sister must have had interest in music from a young age since their father has been a musician.

With father, son and daughter, the Twala family is supposed to be re-shaping the face of South African music.


  • Mina Ngohlala Ngi Nje
  • Wewe (African Wedding)
  • Lekwaito
  • Mina Ngohlala Nginje (Home Mix)
  • Mina Nawe

Controversial News (Murder, Drugs & Theft)

Sello Chicco has been a respected man, though he divorced his wife on the grounds of cheating, but has never been caught in any crime.

As for his son, Longwe Twala, he has been arrested for heinous crimes like theft, drugs and even murder. He probably has rape remaining on his list of crimes.

He also has been in and out of rehabilitation many times for taking drugs.

Senzo Meyiwa Murder

Since 2014, Longwe has been tied to the brutal death of the legendary sportsman, Senzo Robert Meyiwa.

Senzo Meyiwa was shot on October 26th, 2014. The fatal shot ended the life of the Orlando Pirates football team.

The main reason for the rumor of Longwe being a suspect was the fact that Longwe Twala was at the home of Kelly Khumalo as at the time of the murder.

Then, Kelly Khumalo was dating Senzo Robert Meyiwa, while Kelly’s sister was dating Longwe Twala before the murder took place.

At the said night of the murder, Longwe Twala was said to be present at the home of Kelly when the fatal trigger that killed Senzo was pulled.

This led to people to see Longwe as one of the suspects, since they ask the question as to why he was even there at the first place, and why was he there with a gun.

The police arrested and released Mbatha whom they claimed to be the prime suspect and further stated that the rumor was not true and lacks evidence, in fact another set of story originated that it was a robbery gone wrong.

Metro FM, a respected station in South Africa later invited Mbatha over to have an interview with him. In the interview, he stated how he bad felt about being the primary suspect of the murder, and also shared his dissatisfaction with the police arrest. He further gave his own account of the incident, while chipping in that telling the story alone makes him feel terrible, but we went ahead to discuss about the incident.

After the arrest and subsequent release of the murder suspect, there surfaced another claim. It was then rumored that Longwe’s father, Chicco bribed General Shadrack Sibiya a million Rand to assist in keeping Longwe his son out of prison.

Drug Use

Talking about someone with drug use, talk about Longwe!

For more than 15 years, the singer has been battling drug use. Together with his family, he has been sent to the rehab but at the end, no success.

As a fact, his father with his money and influence has been ever ready to assist him, even if it means spending millions of Rands to get him help. At last, even the rehabs could not help Longwe.

Due to his addiction to drugs, he once sold his family’s music equipment worth about R300K, plus other things just to continue with drugs.


Like we stated earlier, he actually stole music instrument just to take drugs, but that has not been all he stole. He in fact was involved in some other theft related matters.

He was once arrested, and it was his sister who came in for him and bailed him. For his dad, he was quite angry, disappointed and felt bad that his son has brought shame to him.

Three years ago, he was arrested for shoplifting toiletries to the tone of R200, in October 2019. He was caught and charged to court, but he didn’t appear at the Booyens Magistrate’s Court in January 2020.

Again, he was caught for stealing a bar of chocolate from a petrol station at Soweto, and as arrested.

At a point, Longwe stole a phone which belongs to the child of a friend’s child. This got his father so angry that he had to send him over to the Diepkloof Police Station.

Court case And Mbatha’s story In 2014

By mid-September 2022, an interesting story broke out.

It was alleged that Longwe Twala is set to reveal the whole truth about what actually transpired that night at Kelly’s mum’s home in Mzamo Acres in October 14th 2014. The news has given hope especially to the like of Zamokuhle Mbatha who was arrested just 3 days after the murder of Senzo, and was later released on grounds of lack of evidence.

This time, even his father is hopeful that his son might have changed after going through another rehabilitation center. But no one knows the truth really.

Zamokuhle Mbatha’s Ordeal After The Murder in 2014

Mbatha had spent about three weeks at the police cell, after Senzo Meyiwa was killed. This was because he was simply the first suspect.

Then in the police reports, it stated that Mbatha was the Rastafarian with locked dreads who pulled the fatal trigger that ended the life of the goal keeper.

He was later released after the Boksburg Magistrate’s Courts dismissed the case for lack of evidence linking him to the murder case.

According to an interview with Kathorus MAIL, he had to stop making friends and only associated with a few people that included his relatives and family.

At the first court case presentation, the people who were present at the scene of the murder included;

  • Kelly Khumalo who’s and actress and singer,
  • Zandi Khumalo, Kelly’ younger sister,
  • Ntombi Khumalo, the ladies’ mother,
  • Late Senzo Meyiwa Meyiwa, the shot Soccer star ,
  • Longwe Twala,
  • Mthokozisi Thwala and Meyiwa’s friend,
  • Tumelo Madlala
  • Kelly Khumalo ’s four-year-old son and daughter, Thingo

Court Hearing In September 2022

From the picture drawn by TT Thobane, the deceased defendant. He built his case around the possibility of Meyiwa was killed in a love tangle which involved Senzo’s girlfriend Kelly Khumalo, her sister and Longwe Twala.

Thobane was of the opinion that he has a witness who confirms that Meyiwa was having an affair with Kelly (his girlfriend) sister, Zandi Khumalo. At the same time, Kelly’s sister Zandi Khumalo was dating Twale Longwe.

And this chain of event led to the murder of the footballer.

TT Thobane finally opined that, “Senzo ended up having a relationship with Zandile as well. He had sexual relationships with Zandile because Kelly has been away for a long time.”

Longwe was not happy with that. I put it to you that Longwe came to the house upset and an argument ensued between him, Kelly, Zandile and the deceased. I further put it to you that in that process, that’s when the gun went off.”

Madlala did not actually deny the report that Meyiwa had an affair with his girlfriend’s sister by name Zandile. He rather denied Thobane’s submissions on who exactly pulled the trigger that killed the soccer star.

Madlala went ahead to say, “Where? I was in the house, I never saw that.

The attorney finally stated that after the shooting, Twala jumped over the fence and lay under their neighbor’s car

The Bafana Bafana captain was shot at Khumalo’s Vosloorus home in October 2014.

Before the cross-examination of Madlala, which was re-scheduled to continue on 16th (Friday) September 2022, Longwe had this to say, “I’m actually saddened that my own people can do this to me, I mean it was a robbery gone wrong. I was even the coward of the day ’cause I actually ran out as those gunmen actually came in and requested phones and money from us. I was actually the first to stand up to try & protect everyone, not realizing that the other guy also had a gun and pointed the gun at me and I actually ran out the door after he pointed the gun in self-defense. From then I was outside, I wanted to get help but it was late, the neighbors were even sleeping, I didn’t even have my phone ’cause I left it at the house so I couldn’t call the cops.”

This statement was supported by his father who sided his son, he also added that those present at the day of the murder saw who pulled the trigger, but they chose to be silent about it.

Longwe’s father also further stated that if his son was however involved, he would do the right thing to simply support all efforts to see that the perpetrators are all arrested. He said; “I will never protect him, I don’t care how much I love him but if he is part of the people who murdered Senzo even if there is a death sentence I will support it,” he went on to urge Senzo’s friend who was also present at the scene of the murder, “Why would your best friend not divulge who killed Senzo? My son was meeting that guy for the first time. Senzo’s friend must tell the truth that he was there when Senzo was killed. Even if the guy says its my son, the police must immediately arrest my son send him to life sentence.”

Another Report / Testimony About The Murder by Advocate Teffo & State’s Third Witness

The court initially heard that Kelly shot her boyfriend, she was said to have accidentally shot him with a revolver hand gun brought to the Khumalo’s home by the song of Sello Chicco, Twala Longwe.

The court heard that Meyiwa was killed by his girlfriend, singer Kelly Khumalo, who “accidentally shot” him with a revolver allegedly brought to the Khumalo family home in Vosloorus by Longwe Twala, the son of music producer Sello “Chicco” Twala. This assertion was made in June 2022 by Advocate Dan Teffo (defense counsel of four people out of the five men).

Then, according to Madlala, he made another statement, which contradicts his earlier statement.

Longwe Twala, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Photos
Longwe Twala

Tumelo Madlala’s statement actually was not same as his earlier confession about when and where he dialed Senzo Meyiwa’s brother, Sifiso, to inform him about an “accidental shot” on his brother which killed him.

Earlier on, while being examined by prosecutor George Baloyi, Madlala reported that he called Sifiso, Meyiwa’s brother from Botshelong Hospital in Vosloorus, after his brother had been confirmed dead, using a mobile phone he borrowed from Khumalo family neighbor.

A day after, he says while being interrogated by defence attorney TT Thobane, that he had made that call from the Khumalo home using his own mobile phone.

Meanwhile, the state claims it was a botched robbery gone wrong.

Thobane has been representing the four out of five accused — Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, Bongani Ntanzi, Mthobisi Ncube and Mthokoziseni Maphisa — while Zandile Mshololo represents the fifth, Fisokuhle Ntuli.

Thobane however, brought up another suggestion, and he put it to Madlala that Longwe Twala came in holding a revolver at the Khumalo home, where after an altercation ensued over an alleged affair Meyiwa the footballer was having with Zandi Khumalo, Twala’s girlfriend.

“That’s when the deceased wrestled with him [Longwe] and gave the firearm to Kelly Khumalo,” Thobane asserted, also stating that Kelly Khumalo “accidently shot” Meyiwa and that Longwe dashed out of the house.

“You called Sifiso Meyiwa and said: ‘Senzo Meyiwa was shot by mistake,” Thobane said.

He added that he has a witness to testify that Madlala was stopped “by someone who was also present in the house [when Meyiwa was killed]” The said person definitely convinced Madlala from telling the footballer’s brother the truth about how exactly Meyiwa was killed.

I was at the door when I called Sifiso, at Kelly’s house. No one heard me speak to Sifiso,” Madlala responded. This was when Thobane reminded Madlala about his statement the previous day, that he claimed to had called Sifiso, Meyiwa’s brother from Botshelong Hospital in Vosloorus,

Madlala responded, “I called Sifiso even before we departed from the scene. When I was at the hospital, that’s when calls were coming in.

Thobane then stated that he would leave what he titled “Madlala’s contradictory testimony” for further argument towards the end of the trial.

Madlala has been expected to continue with his testimony on Friday, 16th September.

All the five accused currently face these charges; premeditated murder, attempted murder, armed robbery, illegal possession of a firearm and the illegal possession of ammunition, they have all pleaded not guilty to these charges, and thus remanded in custody.


1. Who Is Longwe Twala?

Zandi Khumalo’s boyfriend, the drug addict and criminal who was at the murder scene of Senzo the footballer.

2. Longwe Twala Killed Senzo?

He is among the list of the suspects, but has not been indicted yet.

3. Longwe Twala Biography

Check The full article above.

4. Longwe Twala In Hospital?

The SA music producer Chicco Twala, claimed that his son Longwe has been to the rehab in the past five months, trying to deal with the demons of drugs, and further stated that his son is a changed man.

5. Longwe Twala And Zandi Khumalo?

Both of them have been in a sexual relationship.

6. Longwe Twala Songs

  • Mina Ngohlala Ngi Nje
  • Wewe (African Wedding)
  • Lekwaito
  • Mina Ngohlala Nginje (Home Mix)
  • Mina Nawe

7. Longwe Twala’s Age?

No one is sure, but he may be in the age bracket of Meyiwa, which is from 27 to 35 years old.

8. Longwe Twala Wikipedia?

Little information about Longwe is on Wikipedia

9. Lonhwe Twala In Senzo Meyiwa Murder Trial

Yes, Twala was present in the scene of the murder, and is also being tried as a suspect

10. Longwe Twala Interview

We dnt have the video, but we have the excerpts which are available above.

11. Longwe Twala Mother

His mother has been divorced by Sello, his father.

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