Lungile From Diep City Real Name, (Luyanda Shezi) Age, Net Worth

Lungile From Diep City Real Name, (Luyanda Shezi) Age, Net Worth
 Lungile From Diep City Real Name, (Luyanda Shezi) Age, Net Worth

Luyanda Shezi for a start is a South African actress whom we have picked interest on to write about. She is actually known more with the name, Lungile From Diep City, and here we are, telling our users and her fans about her profile & biography, her real age, real name, boyfriend, hair style about her movie roles and her character on Diep City.

Lungile From Diep City Wiki On BioAgeNetWorth
Full & Real Name: Luyanda Shezi
Known stage Names: Lungile Jle From Diep City
Age: 26
Date Of Birth (Birthday): 1997 (Month unknown)
Net Worth: +/- 50,000$
Salary: Not Available
Place of Birth: Durban, in Kwazulu Natal
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actress, YouTuber, Social Influencer
Height: +/-5.5ft
Relationship status: Check FAQ
Parents (Father / Mother): Not Available
Child / Children: None
Known Relatives (Brothers / Sisters): Not Available
Education Qualification: Forensic Criminology From KZN
Reality Show: Diep City
Hairstyle: Mostly On Wigs
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Contact Details: Not Available

Luyanda Shezi Biography

It is not uncommon to see some popular South African celebrities or actors not to come from South Africa, this has been the case even in the music industry, comedy and so on. Hence, it is not quite wrong to reveal whom Lungile from Diep City and where she is from.

As many people already know, Luyanda Shezi is a very young and beautiful young lady who hails from Durban, South Africa. Luyanda Shezi, also known as Lungile in Diep City is a good actress, a professional one at that and also a socialite.

Last year 2021 is the major breakthrough for her, as she began to debut on TV. Most of her social accounts also came live and registered same 2021. She is currently active on some social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. On Facebook, we actually searched for her, but there are lots of accounts bearing her name, so it was actually hard to get hers. On Twitter, she seems not to be so active as she last made a post on her Twitter in August 2022. She posted and we quote, “It’s Friday and that means we’ve got #TheWifeShowmax episodes up with Behind The Veil! Keen to hear more on the Zulu brothers, ithini indaba kaNqoba ?“.

Lungile From Diep City Real Name

On Diep City, she has her full stage name as Lungile Jele. However, in real life it may shock you to realize that she has an entirely different name.

The real name of Lungile from Diep City is Luyanda Shezi.

Now, we have been able to clear the air on how she got the name Lungile Jele and also where she answers the name Luyanda Shezi. Just so to add, you are advised to take a view at the Mzansi Magics drama series, DiepCity.

Lungile From Diep City Real Age

The real age of Lungile Jele From Diep City (Luyanda Shezi) is 26 y/o. Lungile From Diep City has her date or year of birth as 1997. Her birth month and day is yet to be ascertained.

Most times, the manner of make-up and costume which actors and actresses wear make it almost impossible to tell how old they may be in reality.

On TV, a young lady may play the role of an adult or young mother, and thus making it almost impossible to tell for sure how old such a person is.

Lungile (Luyanda Shezi) From Diep City Net Worth

For a new comer in the movie industry, it is safe to assume that Lungile Diep City has her estimated net worth as $50,000.

Lungile Jele Salary & Business

One may wonder what actually she does to have ability to worth such amount of money.

In the course of searching around for facts about her and her full wiki, we came across her YouTube channel which seems to be pretty dormant. On the YouTube, she clearly stated that she is a cook. On her YouTube, it seems as if she is actually running an advert for a restaurant, but on the about page of the YouTube, she clearly stated and we quote, “Restaurant Suggestions? Look No Further, “Where To?!” With Luyanda Shezi plugs you with the littest restaurants to eat at in Gauteng,KZN & Mpumalanga.Covering Budget.Music.Lighting.Aesthetics.Food.Vibes & More in less than 5 minute clips✈️”.

So it is actually safe to think about it like this. Luyanda Shezi actually is a YouTube, she owns a monetized YouTube channel where she shares videos of paid adverts from other restaurants who wants to advertise with her, so she makes money from the two sides. You can make out of what you wish about this update.

Asides being a YouTuber, she most likely may be a social media promoter. In recent years, celebrities on social media a re being approached for sponsored posts by vendors. So, she could likely be charging pretty nice amounts to share about a product on her pages.

Finally, as an actress, she will be paid for her role. Playing the character of Lungile Jele on the South African Mzansi Magics drama series, DiepCity, definitely will not come for free.

Luyanda Shezi Education

The 25 year old South African actress was raised in Durban, in Kwazulu Natal South Africa. As a young lady, she has been showing the possibility of being an entertainer as reports have it that she mostly loves to dance, sing and run around her family house like a baby.

It is quite surprising that the young lady who is a certified criminologist finds her path in movie industry. Well this is 21st century, so most time what one studies may not really have to be one’s source of wealth.

She studied Forensic Criminology and has a BA in the course. She graduated from the university of Kwazulu Natal, and should be looking to be an attorney.

But you can see where our girl is currently.

Sometimes, she is called Lungi for shot on set. And after graduating from UKZN, she began to pursue hear childhood passion, which is related to performing. That is how she got herself into Diep City to act as Lungi.

Lungile On Diep City

On Diep City, Lungile has been a key actress. The show was created and produced by Mandla N, Phanthu Makwarela and also Mpumelelo Nhlapo.

She once revealed that she was in a trance and an angel instructed her to be confident in her acting career.

Then she got up from the sleep and heard that Mandla N was auditing potential actors and actresses and she went in, the rest was history.

Well, we do not know if the story was actually true, or just motivational talks we know from many celebrities. However it is, it is obvious she’s doing quite well.
On the movie, Diep City, she acts out the role of an abused teenager.

She acted the role of a young girl who was kidnapped, and beaten.

She has on the movie, a daddy who is unemployed and works has to provide food for his family. Her mother on Diepcity was a strict one, and her sister an ex-convict.

It is also important to point out that she has debuted on Rhythm City before she appeared on Diep City.

On a funny side, in reality, she has a very strict mum. Her father however is the lenient type. Over all, she has a loving parents in reality and they love and support her dream to become an actress instead of a lawyer.

She once made a comment about her role on Diep City. Lungile Jele from SA Mzansi Magics drama series DiepCity says that her character, Lungile is not acting out just because of being a teenager, she claimed she react to what actually happened to her. She didn’t explain in full what that meant, but we hope it was not a mean stuff.

F.A.Q About Lungile From Diep City

1, How old is lungile from Diep City?

As of 2022, Lungile whose real name is Luyanda Shezi, is 25 years old.

2. What is lungile from Diep City real name?

The full name of Lungile from Diep City is Luyanda Shezi.

3. Who is Luyanda Shezi boyfriend, is she dating?

As of the time of publishing this article, there is not trace of any many or guy in the life of the actress.

4. Lungile from Diep City hairstyle

The Diep City actress most of the time wears a sinple hairstyle. We have been able to search and crop a picture to show the style of hair she loves to put on. Check the image below.

Lungile from Diep City hairstyle

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