Lwah Ndlunkulu Biography, Age, Boyfriend

Lwah Ndlunkulu Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Lwah Ndlunkulu Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Many are not really familiar with the name Lwah Ndlunkulu, not a so popular name but know for the break out singles she dropped just a while ago.

Breaking into the limelight just about a year ago, the South Africa youngster has been majorly featuring in other people’s songs till she came through with her own single, “Home” just some some months, back in January.

Subsequently after the release of Home single came her real breakout, “My Love” and “Noma Ngibheda Sometimes” songs which have been trending for some weeks now in South Africa.

Though a pattern has been noticed, ever since the first appearance on the first song by the singer as a featured artist, the South African singer has been featured together with another great musical artist in the country, Big Zulu.

This gets us asking, why does Big Zulu feature Lwah Ndlunkulu in any of his songs, even in other songs where he is just a guest singer, he still calls in Lwah for further assistance.

Just before we go on, let us look at who Lwa is.

Lwah Ndlunkulu Biography

Born in the a small village in South Africa called Hluhluwe, Lwah Ndlunkulu is a very young female entertainer who has lived in Johannesburg in South Africa.

Her basic information is extremely scarce on the internet, such that just her name have been known to the South African media.

Through our research, we have found just a few more information about her, like her address, contact, social information.

Lwah is one artist we have seen who is not in any way engaging via her social handles, in fact, on her twitter, she has just less than 120 followers and joined Twitter in 2020, since then she has made just a Tweet.

Her Facebook has a couple thousands of likes, sizeable number of photos but very little information and posts. We couldn’t find anything on her Instagram.

She currently is signed with Nkabi Records, and has her contact address at beacon str, Johannesburg, South Africa. She also has revealed her mobile contact and e-mail address in case of bookings and any other inquiry +27813401356 and lwahthendlunkulu00@gmail.com respectively.

Lwah Ndlunkulu Age

Well, this will be a hard nut to crack as we do not have a clue about her age.

We can however give an estimated age of the female singer, based on our personal assessment through her pictures, and from our own assessment, we can guess her age to be about 23-27 years old.

Lwah Ndlunkulu Boyfriend / Husband / Relationship Status

Recently, we got a clue about the relationship status of the female celebrity.

She is currently dating Big Zulu, a very renowned South African musician, and that explains why she features in virtually all the songs by Big Zulu.

Their closeness has got people asking series of question like; is Big Zulu dating Lwah Ndlunkulu? This question can be said to be justifiable knowing that Big Zulu has been dating Lebogang Makenete for some time now.

There has been a rumor saying that Big Zulu has a wife whom he married secretly an might have been Lwah. This is a report we can not confirm, how ever with time, we can get clear answers about Big Zulu and his wife or his real and main girlfriend.

Lwah Ndlunkulu Net Worth

The official net worth of the female singer is not certain yet, but judging by the fact that she just broke out about a year ago, her net worth may not be huge yet, maybe a few tens of thousands of dollars.

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