Mastermind From Uzalo (TK Dlamini) Bio, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Death, Wife

Mastermind From Uzalo (TK Dlamini) Bio, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Death, Wife
 Mastermind From Uzalo (TK Dlamini)

Ntokozo Dlamini who is also known as TK Dlamini and his stage name from Uzalo as Mastermind, his biography and profile, age, full & real name, net worth, salary, death in real life and it’s rumors and his family (daughter and wife) is the primary purpose of creating this page.

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Mastermind From Uzalo Wiki On BioAgeNetWorth
Full & Real Name: Ntokozo Dlamini
Known stage Names: Mastermind on Uzalo, TK Dlamini On Social Media
Age: 32 Years old
Date Of Birth (Birthday) 8th January 1991
Net Worth: R 4,000,000
Salary: None
Place of Birth: South Africa
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actor, Social Influencer, Businessman
Height: +-6ft
Relationship status: Married to Jessica Nkosi
Child/Children: A 4y/o Daughter, Namisa Dlamini
Parents (Father / Mother: Not Available
Known Relatives (Brothers/Sisters): Not Available
Child/Children: A 4y/o Daughter, Namisa Dlamini
Education: Degree In International Marketing Management from Varsity College in Westville
Reality Show: Uzalo
Hairstyle: Low cut / Short-Afro
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Contact Details: Not Available

Mastermind From Uzalo aka TK Dlamini Biography

Ntokozo Dlamini, as is his full name was born back in 8th January 1991. Professionally, he is a South African reputable actor and producer.

He was born into a middle-class family as a child in the early 90’s in a village, Pietermaritzburg, which was located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Reports however have it that he was brought up in KZN.

Years ago, he was not a known figure, but he gained prominence as a South African actor after her played a good character on Uzalo as Master mind. His handsomeness as an actor has made him so unique in the movie industry, that he is easily the talk of the town, especially some ladies.

We have earlier confirmed that the actor stared in Uzalo movie, and played his role as Mastermind Maphumulo. To understand better, Uzalo is a South African TV program featured mainly on Multi Choice’s SABC1, a channel which is mainly dedicated to showing excellent South African TV drama series, Masterminf in Uzalo was able to feature on the movie because of his excellent and different style of acting.

Who would see a young man such as Mastermind in Uzalo who is usually called by TK Dlamini, and not have some likeness and affection for him? Many South African ladies has been talking about him, but the unfortunate news about the whole thing is that, he is actually taken.

Unlike in reality, the South African actor chose to take on a role which portrayed him as a bit irresponsible, a gangster to say at least. Despite the kind of character he portrayed, people still so much loved him and so he has been the people’s man.

Mastermind From Uzalo Real Name

It is also paramount to state that Mastermind is not the biological name of the actor, neither is TK Dlamini his full name.

Due to the name he answers on social media (TK Dlamini), his fans usually assume that, that has been his name, but we are sure that even though that is his name, but not his full name.

The full name and real name or Mastermind Uzalo is Ntokozo Dlamini, but he has taken N and T from his first name, an has been answering that as his nick.

Mastermind From Uzalo (TK Dlamini) Age

How old is Mastermind from Uzalo aka Ntokozo Dlamini? Well, many have been wondering the real age of Mastermind, as he is popularly called. Also, his birthday and correct age has been debated on some social platform. We have the full and correct data, just hang on.

Ntokozo Dlamini aka TK Dlamini is currently 32 years old.

Master Mind’s birthday is on 8th January. And he was born in 1991.

It has been confirmed and his age report has been published with assurance of being correct. So, any information besides this one above about his date of birth is false, and his place of birth has also been confirmed to be in Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu Natal.

Ntokozo Dlamini Net Worth & Salary 2023

With the list of professions which the Uzalo actor has himself into, it is safe to assume that the actor is really earning well.

We do not know if he actually receives salary from any one, but we do know he is worth a huge amount.

Considering his line of profession, his business which has been said to be in the Retail and Trucking industry, Ntobeko back in 2021, is valued at R 3.1 million, which was a huge increase from his net worth of the previous year, R500 000. as of 2021.

In 2023, TK Dlamini has his estimated net worth to be valued at R 4,000,000 

TK Dlamini Aka Mastermind Uzalo Education

It is not uncommon for many celebrities round the world not to be well educated, and many know this for sure. But, it is also an impressive feat for some popular and rich figures to be known to be educated and attend good schools.

One of these examples is TK Dlamini. The South African popular figure went through formal education and even extended down to higher education.

His education was mostly in South Africa. Mastermind attended a University is South Africa called Varsity College in Westville, Durban, South Africa. He was certified with a degree in International Marketing Management.

Ntokozo Dlamini (Mastermind Uzalo) Marriage / Wife & Daughter

Again, many celebrities are known not to have official bonds (as marriage) with their spouses, but TK usually tend to stand out in this order. Despite his wealth, physique and character, Ntokozo TK Dlamini is officially known to have a wife, whom he respects adores and has not been known to be in any news for infidelity.

Ntokozo Dlamini as is his real name is currently married and still living with his beautiful wife whose name is Jessica Nkosi.

They both have a baby girl as a daughter whom they both call, Namisa Dlamini.

Mastermind Uzalo Car & House

TK Dlamini is quite rich, and has the wealth to afford some good cars and even get himself a home. As a matter of fact, he was once congratulated some months ago for purchasing himself a house. So far, we have seen him in an Audi saloon car which he got for himself and also a BMW car. Many South Africans love the beamer (as BMW is popularly called), and it would not be a bad idea for him to own one.

A YouTube channel once revealed more information, pictures and assets of the actor, check below.

Ntokozo Dlamini Accident / Death News

Sadly in August 2022, last month. Many suggested that the South African actor, and businessman was involved in a fatal accident. It was such a huge and disturbing news that many even trended RIP for the popular figure. Guess what?? The actor took on his Twitter account to immediately declare himself safe.

It was even a serious matter that some till recent do not know that he is actually alive. He also went on to his Twitter to say, “People really like talking nonsense“.

It is important to note therefore, that Nkokozo Dlamini is very much alive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ntokozo Dlamini (Mastermind Uzalo)

1. Who is Jessica Nkosi

For many who do not know, Jessica Nkosi is a known South African female actress, who like his husband stars in many popular movies in SA. One of her popular debut appearances is on Isibaya.

The duo have a baby girl as a daughter whom they both call, Namisa Dlamini.

One would easily realize that the wife of the actress does not bear the sur-name of the actor, like seen in many African tradition. The purpose of this is not known yet, but obviously they agreed together for their daughter to bear the title of his father. Well, we may be tempted to say that Mastermind’s wife, Jessica mostly chose to be identified with her own father’s name, Nkosi, but may still attach her husband’s name to hers in official documents. So, how about Jessica Nkosi-Dlamini? Ain’t that cool?

For any lady who may want to have TK Dlamini for her self should probably think again as it is crystal clear that the man is now committed, to his family of course.

2, When is Namisa Dlamini’s Birthday?

Still a child, yes. But many still wonders when was the little baby born. On her parent’s social profile, they share the child’s images and people who were not aware of her birth keep wondering how old Namisa Dlamini is and when she was born. Well ask no more as we have the official date.

Namisa Dlamini was born in September 2018, so she celebrates her birthday every Septembers. As for Namisa Dlamini’s age, she is currently 4 years old.

3. Was There Any Break Up Rumour Between Jessica Nkosi-Dlamini and her husband, Ntokozo Dlamini?

Some time ago, there was news circulating on the internet that the duo’s marriage is on the blink of collapse. Well, we all know internet can be crazy some times.

From the information which we got from TK himself, he was annoyed with this rumour and debunked it immediately, stating that he is in good terms with his wife and kid.

His reaction came in after in fact, news had it that the two have gone their separate ways, thereby annulling and breaking up from their marriage.

On a report and reply to Movel, he stated that they never broke up, so any divorce or break up up news is definitely a lie, in fact he labelled it a “hogwash“,  a word, which on the dictionary means “nonsense”.

4. Where did the rumour of break-up originate from? 

According to a popular news blog in South Africa, Sunday Sun. The media outlet published an article about TK and his love, Jessica. They painted a picture which tries to portray that the couple are not together again as TK and his wife failed to attend a ceremony together after they suspected they secretly broke up.

In the exact reply by TK, he revealed that as at the time of the said news, his wife Jessica was not actually in Town. That was many months ago. So he went alone with his friends to the Grayville racecourse. The absence of his wife probably stirred the break-up as it seems the duo do most things together, just like attending events.

5. On Uzalo And other Drama like Soul City, Single Ladies

Before landing himself a role on Uzalo, TK has been an actor, and featured on many other good movies.

SABC 1’s drama series, undoubtedly was the major break-out for him, where he took on the role of a social irresponsible person. His unique character and role actually made people to begin wonder who is Mastermind from Uzalo?

Among many roles he played and movies he debuted on, his character on Soul City has also been excellent, and also his cameo role on the movie, Rhythm City is also plausible. Asides these two, he also had starred in a these TV series, Single Ladies. It is also suspected that he may also feature in the trending South African music series, Diep City.

6. What Does Mastermind Uzalo Do For A Living? 

Asides acting, Ntokozo Dlamini, TK for short got himself a job as a host. He is a good host, and has in fact anchored and hosted some show like the popular Mzansi’s Durban Hip Hop Awards back in 2011 & 2012.

One, may also add that the entertainer is actually a jack of all trade, but to add more icing to the cake. It may interest you to know that TK can fluently speak three different languages. Asides English which is a universal and common language in South Africa. He also speaks Sesotho, Xhosa and Zulu which are all South African native languages.

On a close observation, one may realize he has a well built body shape, which suggests that he could have been into some body building exercises. No wonder he once said he dreamt about debuting on an American play, Two and a Half men.

In Conclusion About Masternind In Uzalo AKA TK Dlamini

Finally,, it may come as a surprise, but TK aka Mastermind who is an actor on the movie Uzalo is an expert in the business field. He in fact has a good training in a nice institution, and has built a career for himself about radio and TV host/presenting, singing and even dancing.

He is one of the few in South African entertainment space who has many personalities, professions, and responsibilities, yet handles them all well. So it is a fact that Mastermind from Uzalo is a jack of all trade.

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