Mroza Buthelezi Bio, Age, Ukhozi FM

Mroza Buthelezi Biography, Age, Ukhozi FM

Mroza Buthelezi Biography, Age, Ukhozi FM

Here we have about a female radio personality who everyone loves to listen to. Mroza Buthelezi is a South African female presenter who has arrived at period of about 35 years working as radio news-caster.

She revealed that she lived most of her childhood life in a rural village called Northern KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

The radio presenter once revealed that she began to have the passion to help people right from when she was a little girl.

Mroza is a radio character. It has been revealed that she filled in as a moderator at Ukhozi FM for about twenty years now.

The South African female presenter is a graduate of a college of Education in South African called College of Education of South Africa, where she earned her diploma degree.

Currently, we do not know much about her family, relationship or most personal details about her life.

Mroza Buthelezi Age – How Old Is She?

The female prsonality has not really revealed much information about herself to the public so most of her data and profile can not be easily accessed.

One of her details which is hard to come by is her real age. She has never revealed her age and so far nothing has compelled her norcause a situation where her age will be revealed to the public.

However, judging by her looks and the images she has revealed to the public, we can confidently assume that she will be at least 35 years old, or she may be approaching 40. This is based on pure assumption.

One thing we have known for sure is that she celebrates her birthdays on 30th day of every December, we know this because she gets really loud when it is time for her birthday, so any follower or fans won’t need to look far before realizing this.

She currently works with a Radio station, Ukhozi FM.

Ukhozi FM is a South African based national radio station, it is owned and  managed by SABC.

It has it’s based in Durban a province in KwaZulu-Natal, the radio station is primarily a Zulu speaking station, which solves the problem of the Zulu voice speakers in the part of the nation.

The radio station was founded in the year, 1960, and is said to be the it biggest radio station though out the nation, and even Africa.

Ukhozi which means Eagle in ZUlu currently has a broadcasting license from the required body, ICASA.

Does Mroza Buthelezi have a husband?

No, currently as of July 2022 Mroza Buthelezi is not in a relationship we know about, not does she have any husband now.

Well, previously, she was engaged to Mbongeni Ngema in 2019, a South African movie producer, actor, writer and movie director. =

Mroza’s Net Worth – Follow Her On Instagram

We do not know for sure the real net worth of the female radio personality.

Through her career as presenter and a journalist, she has made a good name for herself and also made some good money for her purse.

For a presenter, Buthelezi lives a luxury life in a good house and expensive lifestyle.

You can find Mroza on Instagram through her handle, @mrozawangempela. where she has more than 200k fans.

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