Noluthando Mdluli Biography & Profile

Noluthando Mdluli Biography, Age, Husband, Instagram

Noluthando Mdluli Biography, Age, Husband, Instagram

Do you know why Noluthando Mdluli and Carl Niehaus have been trending? We have the full information and also Noluthando’s biography and real age.

Shortly after Carl Niehaus featured on a content on Noluthando’s social media, people have been worried and sharing their thoughts.

Well, I have been thinking about it for a while, so I asked, has Carl Niehaus broken any law? Is the woman he shared her pictures an minor? Is he dating the lady against her will?

So far, the answers has been negative and as such, the two should do what they deem fit and oaky for them, as long as they are within the state law.

You might be wondering what exactly I am actually writing about.

Some days ago, a South African politician who is said to be 61 was seen on an image with a model who is in her late 20’s, and as such, people trolled him, saying the young lady is young enough to be his daughter.

So very shortly, let us check he bio, age, dating status and Instagram account of Noluthando Mdluli.

Noluthando Mdluli Biography, Age, Husband, Instagram

Noluthando Mdluli is a South African female model, she lives in the city of f Johannesburg, South Africa.

She is also an entrepreneur, and on her LinkedIn account, she revealed she is experienced with a history of working in the retail industry. She also confirms that she is skilled in Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, and general merchandising.

Noluthando Mdluli is currently 28 years old in 2022 and if you want to visit her Instagram page, please follow this link,

The female celebrity is not yet married, but seems to be dating Carl Niehaus, a former spokesman for the ruling party in South Africa called the African National Congress, he was also the former spokesman for the past president, Nelson Mandela.

Both Noluthando Mdluli and Carl Niehaus have been on the social media headlines after Carl’s picture with Noluthando was shared by the  female model and captioned it, ‘Carl Niehaus is the love of my life’.

Some also claimed that the South African politician seem to like dating younger girls as he was said to be off a relationship with a 23 year old Bennie.

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