Pholoso Mohlala Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Pholoso Mohlala Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth 2022, Instagram

Okay, South African has a lot of blessed celebrities who are not known much, persons like Pholoso Mohlala.

For a long time, Pholoso Mohlala has been a TV personality, but really has not caused any spark on the South African online space, however he can’t hide forever as he is currently up on some media outlets.

Today we get to write a little about the young and promising South African celebrity, and we shall provide every report we have about him , though there are not much info about him online.

On this page, we shall write about how old is Pholoso Mohlala, his biography, girlfriend, net worth and Instagram handle.

Pholoso Mohlala Biography

As we have revealed, Pholoso Mohlala is a South African base  d male actor, who lives in the city of Pretoria.

He is an actor who also has an entrepreneurial spirit as he runs his own private business. He became popular for his role in a movie Isidingo, where he took on the role as Thabang.

His controversial character of a gay made him stand out, and afterwards the rumor of his girlfriend expecting a baby blew out on the internet, and thus, we at Bioagenetworth sharing what we know about him.

Pholoso is known to have a great fashion sense, and loves luxury, expensive brands and good cars, these he proudly shares on his Instagram page.

It is also said that he is the real founder of the brand, 012gin SA.

Since the news of his lover broke on the internet, he began to have much follows that he had to place his account on private.

Usually, we should be expecting wedding bells to ring real soon as we already know that his girlfriend Somizi has been going through a divorce process with his estranged husband Mohale Motaung.

Pholoso Mohlala Age

Probably wondering how old is Pholoso Mohlala? Well, after a short checks, we have found out that the actor was born in 1997.

Apparently, Pholoso Mohlala is currently 25 years old as of 2022.

Pholoso Mohlala Girlfriend

The news of whom Pholoso Mohlala has been dating was solidified when it became obvious that Somizi’s girlfriend is pregnant.

This news broke out just a few weeks ago, and we can say for sure that Pholoso Mohlala is currently dating, and he is dating a fellow South African celebrity whose name is Somizi Mhlongo.

The duo are set to welcome a baby through Somizi’s girlfriend.

Pholoso Mohlala Net Worth

Not so certain, but it will not be wrong to say he is worth some tens of thousands of US dollars.

Pholoso Mohlala Instagram

To follow Pholoso on Instagram, please follow his via

Pholoso Role In Isidingo

He is obviously known to have been acting as a gay in the movie, Isidingo. The character has his name as Thabang, a son of a miner at the Horizon Deep.

In the movie, he is gay, but does not really understand why he feels the way he felt, and so he ran away from home as he wasn’t sure how his family would react to him being gay.

During the time he was away from home, he wanted to meet people like him but it was not an easy task for him, this really made him scared and confused.

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