SNE From Diep City Real Name & Age (Nompumelelo Vilakazi) Bio, Net Worth

SNE From Diep City
SNE From Diep City

SNE is from the popular drama series, aired by SA’s Diep City Mzansi Magic telenovela DiepCity. SNE from Diep City has some information about her debated, some information like how old she is, that is to say her age, Sne’s real name, her net worth and hw much SNE was paid as salary on Diep City and even her net worth.

Asides these debated and frequently asked questions about SNE, we have also gone ahead to share more details about her relationship with men, boyfriend, plans of marriage, social media, pictures her Instagram and so much more. Find out more information about the South African actress on this page.

SNE From Diep City Wiki On BioAgeNetWorth
Full & Real Name: Nompumelelo Silindile Vilakazi
Known stage Names: SNE From Diep City
Age: 26 Years Old
Date Of Birth (Birthday): 20th October 1997
Net Worth: +/-200,000$
Salary: R 45,000
Place of Birth: Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Teacher, Actress
Height: +/-5ft
Relationship status: In A Relationship With Unknown Person
Parents (Father / Mother): Unknown
Child / Children: None
Known Relatives (Brothers / Sisters): Not Available
Education Qualifications: Ntathakusa Secondary School, Degree In Education from University of KwaZulu-Natal
Reality Show: Diep City
Hairstyle: Not Available
Social Media: Instagram @nompumelelo_vilakazi, Twitter, Facebook
Contact Details: Not Available

SNE From Diep City Biography & Background

Family and up-bringing is what majorly amounts to background. A few other information may be added up to make up the biography of a person. This in view, let us take a look at the family, upbringing and profile of Sne in Diep City.

Sne has her full name as Nompumelelo Silindile Vilakazi. She was conceived back in 20 October 1997 to the family of Vilakazi. She was born and raised in Winterton, located in KwaZulu-Nata, South Africa.

She is a bright and controversial female actress who in some times, become the talk of the show.

Before acting, SNE has been a graduate who majors in life sciences and was also a geography teacher before appearing on TV.

According to her, her family back home in KwaZulu Natal though are a loving one, but opposed the idea of dishing her profession to choose acting. In her own exact words, she confirmed that they were “skeptical”. This is because, she mostly has been doing well in her area of profession and expertise.

And for her, it was not also an easy task; least to add. Considering she went to the school to become a get a degree in education, leaving her job which she has ben qualified for and opting for acting, despite spending years of studying in the University of KwaZulu-Natal wouldn’t have been easy for her.

She also added in an interview she granted; “I have not given up on teaching. I love it and I am glad that this opportunity came when I had qualified as a professional teacher so I can always go back to my teaching passion,” SNE explains.

Another intriguing part of her growing up is the fact that she was bullied. From her days of high school, she reveals that teaching has been a part of her. She uses teaching to boost her confidence for her peers to see her for what she is, not about what she looks like. She says, this has been her strategy whenever any bully experience wants to weigh her down.

Also in her school days, she claims to help her fellow student revise their works whenever their assigned teacher was not around. In hr words she says, and we quote;  “I don’t know if this was a way of me getting liked, but I would teach the class when the teacher was not there and help them revise. That made me feel seen and heard. I was always in the top 3 achievers in school,” she confirms.

In the process of teaching, she says she tells other not to look down on other people, and this is an excerpt from her interview, “When I was teaching, I always told learners not to look down on someone because of how they look and where they come from. Also, for those who might be bullied, not to care about what others think of them. All they need to do is focus on themselves. Some things said to you really hurt but use those things to move forward and be the best you can be,” 

To also add, she says to have been doing drama in a local theatre production which has been in Winterton KwaZUlu , where she was raised.

Due to her talent and her charisma on-stage, people began to like her, and that made her more comfortable to show up on stage.

We think se would want us to add that, no one should let bully or naysayers bring them down because of how they look, size, passion, achievements. Instead one who passes through these should be more focused in order to be where they are supposed to be.

SNE From Diep City Real Name

The real name of SNE is Nompumelelo Vilakazi, and her full name is Nompumelelo Silindile Vilakazi.

It is important that this gets cleared in order not to get people confused as her common known name, SNE is not really her biological name.

Sne who was born in 1997 in a small village, Winterton in KwaZulu-Nata, South Africa has a lot of her fans discussing and arguing over her real name, stage name and full name. But with the information provided, we hope to have done justice to that.

How Old Is SNE From Diep City (Her Real Age)

SNE is currently 26 years old.

She was born on 20th October 1997, so she will be 26 years in October 2023. Her birthdays shall however be celebrated every October of every year.

SNE From Diep City Net Worth & Salary

Nompumelelo wants to have an experience in most trades, if asked personally. Like Mastermind From Uzalo aka TK Dlamini, some would suggest she is more like a jack of many trades, and not really master of none.

As an actress, it surprises some to learn that SNE is actually a University product who is qualified to teach on life science and Geography and holds a degree in Education from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Also, she has been a professional teacher before joining the entertainment industry as an actress.

One things truly stands out about her, in all her endeavors, she comes out a success.  The beautiful and bold lady is currently being starred along with some fine actors and actresses of Mzansi.

Among other entertainers she airs along with, include; However, ex- Uzalo lead actor Dawn Thandeka King and Rhythm City’s firebrand Suffocate Ndlovu.

Sometime in the past, there was a leak about how much being paid to her as salary. This leak or discover got Mzansi talking. The bold and talented actress was said to be paid about R45,000 per month she plays the role of SNE in Diep City. This amounts to about 2600$ per month.

The leaked amount got people in Mzansi taking as it was considered great, compared to what others are being paid in other movies like Uzalo and Muvhango.

Her estimated Net Worth has not been valued just yet anyway. But from our own estimation, we can come to an average value.

The estimated value in net worth of SNE from Diep City by BioAgeNetWorth is about $200,000.

SNE From Diep City Social Media (Instagram)

She is currently active on some social platforms.

Nompumelelo Vilakazi is more active on Instagram and her official Instagram handle is @nompumelelo_vilakazi. Also, she is active on Twitter where she has just past a thousand followers, and you can wish to check her Tweets at, She is also active on Facebook where she bears her full name, and you can visit her page

SNE From Diep City Education

According to Nompumelelo Vilakazi, she went through and matriculated from Ntathakusa Secondary School. The secondary school is still in Winterton located at KwaZulu-Natal.

After her secondary school, she went ahead to further her education by gaining admission into the University of KwaZulu-Natal at Edgewood Campus in 2017.

Last year in 2021, she graduated in June to become a certified qualified educator.

SNE On Diep City

The actress has her biological name as Nompumelelo Vilakazi, and in full Nompumelelo Silindile Vilakazi.

Her first professional gig she landed in, came in 2021 where she was supposed to play the character of Sne in the popular Mzansi Magic telenovela called DiepCity.

The 25 year old’s character on the movie, depicts her as part of a girls gang, who are four in numbers and are notorious friends who were burglars just to feed.

SNE who is a Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal brought up is the main gossip of the girls group as she always knows most of the this going-on in the streets.

The drama series DiepCity first premiered on 5th April, 2021.

Nompumelelo Vilakazi confirms she was an object of bully and ridicule. She was belittled, body shamed and told that she was ugly when she was still in school. She says they used to mock her for her size but there has been a change of table as she is being seen and watched on TV even by her then offenders. She then asked, “Who is laughing now?”

Being one of the best paid on Diep City, the 25 year-old actress is currently living her dream life on Mzansi Magic’s show, DiepCity.

To crown her success, the embrace and positive remarks from many viewers and even the movie production crew towards her, is perceived to boost her confidence and zeal the more.

In one of her interviews, she closed it with stating, “God works in mysterious ways. I got to where I am and I didn’t have to change myself,” she confirms.

Let us recall that she moved from her province of residence to Johannesburg for the very first time, where she is currently pursuing her passion.

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