Tina Dlathu Biography, Age, Mother, Boyfriend

Tina Dlathu Biography, Age, Mother, Boyfriend

Tina Dlathu Biography, Age (How Old Is Tina Dlathu), Mother, Parents, Boyfriend Net Worth

Tina Dlathu is a young and promising South African actress, she also is a social media influencer. She recently got a role to play in a popular South African movie, and she acts as Khwezi Hlophe in the 1Magic telenovela TV series titled The River.

The young actress, Thina has also been confirmed to be the younger sister to the professional actress Sindiswa Dlathu, and the two are currently on the movie “The River”.

In an interview which she granted, she was asked about her role in which she Khwezi was supposed to act as the youngest of the Hlophe kids.

Her role was supposed to portray her as the most obedient and smartest among the kids. She also represents a daughter born to a strict father who is a traditional Zulu man.

She also reveals that the role has been really challenging for her, through she has been trying to fully embrace it.

Tina attended her basic education in accredited schools from which she matriculated.

She is a Christina and has claimed to love her God so much.

Age (How Old Is Tina Dlathu)

Her age is not yet known to the public, she has not revealed her real age, but we can take a guess, from her available pictures, Thina should be in her mid 20’s or late 20’s.

Tina Dlathu Mother (Parents)

For her fans who has been asking about the actress’ mother, well, we are sorry to disappoint this time, but her mother’s information is not out to the public yet, not any of her parents so far, but we promise to share more information as soon as we get hold of them.

So far, we just know for sure that Sindi Dlathu is he biological elder sister to Tina, but their parents’ information is yet to be known.

Tina Dlathu Boyfriend

We do not know if she currently is dating or not as she did not specifically talk about it in her last official interview.

More information about Tina will surely be revealed soon.

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