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Toby Venter Net Worth & Age | Who Owns Kyalami Race Track

Toby Venter Net Worth & Age | Who Owns Kyalami Race Track

Toby Venter is a South African Auto guru. He is a 67 year old multi millionaire born in the year 1955 in South Africa.

From young age, he loved cars and in fact began to drive at the age of 11 year old, he went ahead to reveal that he learnt driving in a Ford Fairlane 500 on the farm roads at Potchefstroom. In an Chat interview, he revealed that he was 12 years of age when he first attended the South African Grand Prix with his Uncle as guests of John LoveIt.
He began in 1981 to acquire investments pertaining to auto industry with a Suzuki Speed Centre, then in Westonaria. Among others, the motoring mogul’s company owns the Kyalami Race-track, and his company also is in charge with the local distribution for Porsche cars, Lamborghini and also Bentley. Just so to add, there is then exclusive Uva Mira Mountain Vineyards which also belongs to him. This is however is his motoring story.

Toby Venter

Toby Venter like earlier noted was raised in the North West university town of Potchefstroom, he completed his schooling at Potchefstroom Boys High School South Africa.
After he finished from the boys school, he decided to take a swipe in the army school, and his base was at Oudtshoorn and Potchefstroom. Shortly after his compulsory army service, Toby went for a degree in law and then economics at the Potchefstoom University.

Like stated earlier, he has always loved all things about automotive. SO he revealed that in between his days as a student, he worked in the motor industry, and back in 1978, he then became the factory moto-cross rider for a Shell Suzuki team. Three years after, in 1981, he opened the bike stop at Westonoria, and later, he then added Yamaha, Kawasaki then Honda in Potch and also Westonaria.

About four years after, he stepped up to high-level cars and by 1985 he levelled up to Venter Motors, a very big General Motors franchise in South Africa (Westonaria).

Few years after in 1995, he was made the (CEO) chief executive officer of Porsche, a year after he acquired the business. From there the sky has been his limit.

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