Who is Adriano Mazzotti? Net Worth 2022, Mazzotti Wedding, Family & Wife

Who is Adriano Mazzotti? Net Worth, Mazzotti Wedding, Family, Wife

Who is Adriano Mazzotti? Net Worth 2022, Mazzotti Wedding, Family & Wife

Just few hours ago, people have been asking who is Adriano Mazzotti?

Short Bio

Adriano Mazzotti is an Italian businessman who bases in South Africa. He is a director of a popular cigarette company called Carnilinx.

The company has been under investigation by the South African SARS for tax evasion and also smuggling.

Just as we watch in the movie, the South African law enforcement is making us believe that the like of the businessman has been just as infernal sordid scenes from a thriller film, his life has been quite captivating and demands high concentration to fathom fully.

The news about the businessman began back in 2005, when he and his ally, Martin Wingate-Pearse, was a huge target to the (SARS) South African Revenue Services.

Then, SARS raided their homes in suspicions of drug smuggling, but like we all see in movies, the outcome like you can rightly predict was that nothing implicating was found.

Then, when he realized that he is being investigated by the revenue services and SAPS for involving in illegal use of drugs through his company Carnilinx, he got himself some personal investigators to get information about those who are trying to peep into his business, with the sole purpose of halting the tax evasion probes.

Years after, he declared his intentions to run for political office in South Africa, and went ahead to create his own political party, which Julius Malema helped him to register. This he confirmed, as he stated that he has been friends with Julius Malema, who is the president of the EFF and he went on to say that he gave R200 000 to Julius with the hopes of registering his political party for elections.

He has been influential with his wealth and also delving into politics has been bringing him closer to th press, even with the SAPS and SARS lurking around him often times for illegal drug sale and tax evasion.

Recently, the Mazzotti family have been trending yet again, this time the daughter of the South African business man is getting married, and it is a lavishing type of wedding.

Mazzotti Wedding

Yesterday, the daughter of the businessman got married and had their wedding celebration in Ibiza, Spain.

Despite the prying eyes and suspicions of corrupt links to the Mazzotti family, the current President of Economic Freedom Fighters party, by name Julius Malema and his partner Mantwa was present for the the Mazzotti wedding at Ibiza in Spain.

The family again began to trend, as the pictures of the lavish wedding which took place in Ibiza filled up the social media. Through the pictures, it is obvious that the wedding was conducted in an Italian way.

Many celebrities and popular political figures were invited, among which are, Julius Malema EFF President and his wife were present, also the Grammy award winning DeeJay, DJ Black Coffee was present at the event, just as the Major League DJz.

Net Worth 2022

Since the wedding, people have been wondering the real net worth of the Mazzotti family who seem to be Hollywood rich.

Even while being tied to some daring corrupt rumors, the family have been moving about freely, hosting parties and have not even been charged to any law courts for any corrupt practices.

So far, the family has been claiming that their money and source of income is clean.

Recently, there has been unconfirmed reports which declares the net worth of the family as of this year, 2022.

The Mazzotti family have is reported to have an estimated net worth of about R1 Billion.

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