Who Is Nanamhla Dalasile From Durban Gen: Biography, Age

Who Is Nanamhla Dalasile From Durban Gen: Biography, Dalisile Age

Who Is Nanamhla Dalasile From Durban Gen: Biography, Age

There have been some buzz on the South African social media, and the outburst has been about Nanamhla Dalisile and Tebatso, the duo had an altercation which resulted to police case, many blogs have been sharing rather the wrong information and we are here to present a more accurate information which reveals  Nanamhla Dalasile profile and why her ex, Tebatso was arrested.

Who Is Nanamhla Dalisile Durban Gen? Biography

Nanamhla Dalasile is a known South African actress who was born and raised in South Africa. She is currently an actress and debuted on the medical drama Durban Gen.

The TV series Durban Gen is a drama series which has it’s settings in Durban South Africa, the drama is supposed to highlight the issues the medical staff of the Durban General Hospital face daily.

On the popular South African drama series, Nanamhla Dalasile grew to be a loved cast, popular and known with in the South African industry, however, she has been caught up in an arrest saga which has got a whole lot of people confused.

Before we head on, let us categorically state that before the arrest outbreak, Nanamhla has been an extremely private person who has not been revealing much about her self to the world, hence our inability to get some of her details. 

Nanamhla Dalasile Durban Gen Age

Due to her looks, many have been questioning about the date of birth of Dalasile many, how ever have been guessing how old Nanamhla might be.

Nanamhla Dalasile’s real age is not yet confirmed, however speculations have it that she should be in her mid 30’s.

Nanamhla Dalasile Pictures

She has her account on Facebook and Instagram, though they don’t seem to be very active, but if you wish to view her pictures, please visit her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Nanamhla Dalasile From Durban Gen Arrests ‘Muvhango’ Actor Tebatso Mashishi

Many blogs have reported that Nanamhla Dalasile has been arrested, but that is in fact false. Though she has been in minor issues in her last relationship and was subsequently arrested, which prompted her then ex to get a restraining order against the female celebrity, she is rather not the one arrested recently, rather she called the police on her boyfriend who their present relationship is having some problems.

She claimed that Tebatso stole her gadgets as revenge after they broke up quite recently. The duo was said to be living together with her guy, Tebatso in Randburg. As they began to face some issues, the actress was reported to had packed out from her man’s house and mistakenly took some of his clothing.

After a while, Tebatso Kgosi came along to pick his belongings at her new home but stole her laptop and phone while he left. Nanamhla Dalisile claimed she tried reaching out to her man, but found out that she has been barred from calling his number which prompted her to open up a case at Douglasdale police station.

In an official statement she said and we quote, “I know them because he needed them. He has a lot of money; he can afford them. He took them because he just wants to punish me for dumping him.”

‘Muvhango’ Actor Tebatso Mashishi has not been able to make any official statement as he is currently in the police custody and Gauteng provincial police spokesman Mavela Masondo confirmed the arrest of Tebatso for theft and also added that he will be due in court soon. It is obviously a hard time for Tebatso Mashishi who is an actor and a singer as he recently released two songs.

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