Who Is Rob Hersov? Biography, Net Worth, Age, Party, Ramaphosa, Wikipedia

Robert Hersov Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wiki
Robert Hersov Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Ramaphosa

Who Is Robert Hersov? His age, biography, net worth, business, education, family (wife and daughter) his statement on Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC party as spineless clowns, his Wikipedia page discussion are all we discussed on this page.

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Rob Hersov Wiki On BioAgeNetWorth
Full & Real Name: Robert Hersov
Known stage Names: Mr. Fox Pilot
Age: 63 Years Old
Date Of Birth (Birthday): October 9, 1960
Net Worth: >1,000,000,000 USD
Salary: 6M$ From Acting
Place of Birth: South Africa
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Businessman, Entrepreneur, Actor
Height: +/-6ft (1.83 metres)
Relationship status: Married to Katie James Hersov
Parents (Father / Mother): Basil Hersov (father)
Child / Children: 4 Children, names unknown.
Known Relatives (Brothers / Sisters): Not Available
Education Qualification: B.B.S. (University of Cape Town), M.B.A. Harvard Business School
Reality Show: Fantastic Mr. Fox
Hairstyle: Not Available
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
Contact Details: Not Available

Rob Hersov Biography / Wiki

Robert Hersov now 62, is a South African renowned entrepreneur. A senior executive and private investor based in London, UK.

Rob now serves as chairman of 3 companies, he is the Chairman and founder of Invest Africa, CEO, and partner (and founder) of African Capital Investments, Director of the VistaJet advisory board, and then the CEO (and founder) of Adoreum Partners.

No one knows, but maybe, if not for his chains of businesses which has been a family or generational business, his business focus may not be here in Africa.

His father was Basil, a respected World War Two pilots. His father also had three brothers, Ricky Mennell, James Hersov, and Brian Mennell.

Rob is a white, but his family lineage has its roots in Africa, specifically South Africa. Despite being South African, he has lived most of his adult life outside South Africa. According to Biz News, he has lived 31 years outside South Africa. In those 31 years, he lived 25 years in European countries, exploring many places and also lived for 6 years in the USA.

Before his father, Bob Hersov existed. The father of Basil, and grandfather to Rob. Rob’s grandfather’s name was Bob Hersov. He founded AngloVaal which has been a mining and industrial company. The company was then one of the largest industrial and mining companies, which was later passed down to Bob’s son Basil from from 1973 to 2001.

Rob is a business mogul and a staunch entrepreneur, both in the private and public sector. He also owns many companies both in the media/marketing industry, finance sectors and luxury.

Asides South Africa, he also has business ties with other regions across different African countries, and has made a good number of private investments in the African continent.

One of his businesses, Invest Africa, was founded in May 2013. This was when he saw an opportunity to build a platform for a few, who were involved in Pan-African investments.

According to his page on LinkedIn, ”Invest Africa was founded with the specific purpose of delivering on the demand for high quality relationships within growing African markets amongst the business community. The private club has amassed over 300 high level members in just 12 months and has launched operations in London, New York, Johannesburg, Geneva, Zurich, and Dubai. He also founded African Capital Investments to build an Africa-focused investment platform”.

Rob Hersov Age

Robert Hersov was born in the year October 9, 1960.  As of 2023, the South African businessman will be 63.

As stated o his Wikipedia page, his date of birth is October 9, 1960.

Rob Hersov Real Name

Actually, Hersov is the correct surname of the businessman. Also, his name is Rob, but that is for short.

The full and real name of the billionaire is Robert Hersov.

Rob Hersov Net Worth

Robert himself has never declared his wealth. Neither has any government body nor private organization revealed any information to suggest the worth of the businessman.

In 2004, news about Rob’s co-founded jet company, was sold. It was a success as it was bought by one of the world’s richest investors, Warren Buffett. Warren purchased the company for an undisclosed amount, but we can say for sure that it was worth millions in USD.

Furthermore, according to net worth Post. Robert was paid $6 million when he had a career in the film industry. His performance can be traced to the movies he starred in, back in 2009, Fantastic Mr. Fox.

In our own estimation, Rob Hersorv is worth billions in US dollars, but to pin a figure, we will assume that the net worth of Rob would be valued at more than 1B$.

Rob Hersov Wife

Roberts is currently married to his beautiful wife, Katie James Hersov. Together they have 4 beautiful children.

His wife, Katie James, is from New Zealand, and is a doctor. Then, it was rumoured that the duo’s age difference was 21 years. Meaning, if Rob is not 62 years, his wife Katie would be 42 years old.

Before Katie, we have it on good authority that Rob had been married. He was initially married to a California based woman named Kim.

As a businessman, he was trained extensively in good schools.

Rob Hersov Education

Rob received attended his University in Cape Town. In fact, he got his B.B.S. from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. After getting his degree, he went on to get an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School. The schools he attended from infancy till high school is not known at this moment.

Rob attended University of Cape Town in 1982, and attended Harvard Business School back in 1989.

Rob Hersov On ANC Party, Calls Ramaphosa & Cabinet Spineless Clowns

Robert within the last past week has been on the neck of the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa. He also has been hitting hard on the South Africa’s ruling party ANC.

Rob’s speeches which caused media war took place at a BizNews event, there he roasted President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The businessman also stated that the president’s Cabinet is full of “corrupt clowns and criminals”.

He stated clearly that, ”Cyril Ramaphosa is a disgrace, he is a disappointment, he is an absolute embarrassment to this country, and he should immediately resign”.

That man is a useless, spineless failure, and it’s a bit of an embarrassment that the introduction of me, says that our family gave Cyril Ramaphosa the chance to step up. If I am to blame, I apologize to all of South Africa, all of Africa and the world for such a disgrace being the president of our country,” Hersov uttered.

Everybody has only one chance to be on the right side of history. We are a failed state. The criminals have taken over the government. The ANC has become Africa’s new mafia, eclipsing Nigeria in structural criminality”.

“How that spineless Ramaphosa deals with Phala Phala is the ultimate test of what happens to this country … The emperor has no clothes … If you look at his face, you know he has lost the plot.

Hersov Rob later went on to talk about the ruling party. He said, “I call on all ANC members who consider themselves South African citizens ahead of ANC loyalists to publicly resign their membership of the ANC.

Robert also gave a piece of advice to a fellow South African millionaire in US dollars, he said, and we quote; “But Patrice, you’ve got one more thing to do, and you haven’t done it. You need to stand up and say that you are disgusted with the ANC today, and you will resign your membership and stop giving them money. The minute you do that, you are the legend you deserve to be. Until you do that, we are holding you to account until you do it.

We can recall that in the past year, according to a report published to the Electoral Commission of SA’s (IEC) on political funding, which is basically funding of the ANC party. The South African, whom Robert was sending his advice to Motsepe, donated about R6 million to the ANC before the 2021 local government elections. Asides involving in politics, Motsepe had sent donations to both Churches, and traditional rulers.

These gestures have led a lot of people to believe that he is trying to buy influence in preparation to run for the presidential election.

After the Roberts’ statement against the sitting South African president, the Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe has replied the businessman.

He hit back at Rob Hersov following his comments of strong criticism against President Cyril Ramaphosa and his cabinet members.

Minister Gwede Mantashe hit back at Rob, stating that the purpose of his anger was because he wanted to purchase the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA), which was utterly unsuccessful.

A clearer report stated that the billionaire who owns a mining business AngloVaal, tendered a bid through one of his business subsidiaries RSA.aero, made a move to buy off six of Acsa’s smaller airports.

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